Better late than never…I apologize, too! Same old, same old. I’m glad that your shingles are subsiding a bit. Shingles is a persistent, painful and awful virus. I wish you recovery…speedy as possible for Shingles which is only speedy coming on, not leaving. I hope you are 100 percent soon, @alto!

Thanks so much for the shout out especially because it is in a piece by Tim. I love his creative work but even more, which is saying a lot, I love his work with the Smash Street boys. Giving voice to those whose voices have been stolen and giving them so much more, he always amazes me as do those boys. I love them all and their work. And although I’ve said it before, I’m psyched that Tim is including a link in most of his work now to The Real Stories Gallery Foundation, recently endorsed by Bishop Tutu: yes, that Bishop Tutu!

Now those of us who want to support this work with more than our words may do so. And there’s more art on the site!

Tim’s work, for any who haven’t already found it, is tough stuff and not for the heartless or those prone to denial. But if you have heart, it will break wide open and you will be changed. These stories are TRUE. It is time we stop the denial and love our kids by seeing them.

As for my author (I love this idea, alto!), I have so many favorites. Some I have mentioned before, some I will mention later. For today my offer is someone new to Medium who has caught and kept my sometimes flighty attention. I check 3 to 4 times daily for the next chapter of her novel which she is generously sharing on Medium, a chapter a day. I’ve rarely read such well developed characters anywhere. I am really invested in them as I am about to read Chapter 15. But you can catch up quickly! The story is already rich and nuanced. And I’ll shut up and introduce Jan Chapman and her engrossing


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