The Solitary Cook

Cynthia, please add me to the list to receive the recipes. I have had to decline the kind and fun and very creative invitation but your menu sounds delicious. I hope to create it soon, although I am allergic to glutens and raspberries but I can make the brushetta complete for my husband and eat the topping and use a different berry.

Cooking IS contemplative and creative and of service. It offers love. It brings me peace and I feel good that it makes others feel full, happy, sated.

I wonder if Medium has a cooking publication to which we can submit stories that include recipes as in Nora Ephron’s excellent Heartburn or submit recipes and include a story about when we made them or ate them or threw them out because we burned something. Or even share stories of how a recipe we find in the publication b itself worked when we made it.

Or maybe we already have enough to do.

Thanks for creating this lovely menu, Solitary Cook! Everyone will have a grand time, I am sure. I shall be there in spirit and let you know how delicious your meal is once I create it here.

Your menu alone has made me hungry so I am off for a 3 a.m. snack!

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