Bedlington Terrier
Sherry Caris

First of all, thanks for making me laugh out loud!

Both you and the woman thought each other was not quite right and all because you called, “ kitty, kitty, kitty” to her lamb-like doggie, doggie, doggie. And they do look like baby lambs! It is sweet you were both so kind to one another.

I’m in wonder and awe of the baby skunks! I’ve never seen any and would be inclined to avoid them afraid they and their mom would spray me. I think its amazing that you thought to call them even if by the wrong name. They obviously didn’t care. And they came to visit.

Now isn’t there a lesson in all of this for all of us? I think so. Kindness by any name counts for everything. If we all practiced it, wonder would increase and the lion would lie with the lamb or the Bedlington making the world a better place for us all. Especially with an added laugh.

Thanks for another wonderful story!

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