Dear David Bowie
Sherry Caris

How did I miss this until now?!

I love David Bowie, too. When my sister found out she was pregnant with my nephew, before we knew his gender, I started calling him Ziggy for, well, you know. In January he turned 21. He still goes by Ziggy. Ziggy Stardust help make me free.

My Lupus began when I was 12. They had no name for it then. It came in spurts, then closer together, until I had 4 laparotomies by the time I was 24. My docs sent me to a psychiatrist. He was the best thing to happen to me but I was 24 and not 11. He said he thought that my doctors needed him more than I because they kept cutting me open and giving me antibiotics. Hell yes, I was sick: Luous Peritonitis. I was cut open more then: the laparoscope! Way easier recoveries.

Chronic illness sucks!

I went through some pretty awful things myself, especially from 17 to 24 but that hole and your doctor burning without it anesthesia: well that’s just inhumane. That kind if treatment us something we have to fight. We have our dignity and respect who we are because everyone who lives with any chronic disease is as brave as they come!

To have all this going on at an age when all girls want never to be different: I feel angry for you. But unsurprised that in all the awfulness and insecurities you were able to find “some of it actually positive making me the strange person I am today.” You are, indeed, as wonderfully strange, as unique and perfect, as anyone I “know” my sister INFP!

I’m so glad we both are still here and writing away. And you, drawing, too! You are a courageous one, Sherry Caris and a Joan d’Arc, sharing yourself on Medium and helping others know that inside hell, one may always find heaven.

I hope that this somehow got to Iman, their daughter and Bowie’s son, too. And since I can’t say it better than you: to Ziggy I, “I have no doubt that you are indeed stardust, merging with the cosmos in an infinite burst of love.”

We’ll too have scars that can’t be seen and one day, too, we’ll be free just like that bluebird and like Lazarus and that Blackstar. Until then, all happiness!

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