I’m urged to accept the reality that sometimes my children and I are going to experience racism and make peace with the life that we have.
Stop Condemning My Bitterness, Start Condemning The System
Dominique Matti

I am White. I urge you to NEVER make peace with this treatment. It is wrong. Period.

And I won’t accept it as the norm, either. I will not make peace with this EVER.

I need to read on but must say here how sorry I am to read that this happened to you and your family. I am sorry that the tow truck driver knew to call what happened in advance because as a country we should be ashamed. I am. I am sorry that one cop “shot” the peace sign and that even I know what he meant to shoot but worried you’d turn him in via his licence plate. I am sorry that the woman cop pretended not to see you. And most if all I am sorry that your sin has learned such an ugly truth about his…HIS…country at such a young age. May it embed in his heart and grow into a righteous rage that will fuel his refusal to never make peace but fight for justice. I am sorry for the ignorant, complacent and privileged advice and emails you’ve received.

I am very angry about everything that happened to you and your family.

You deserve better. You help pay the salaries of these uncaring people who didn’t serve or protect. But of course, that’s the least of it.

We need to wake the fuck up and yell at the top of our lungs and work. “They” have worked hard to separate us and they work harder daily, those in power. We have to find each other, join and fight back smarter and harder.

I haven’t and won’t make peace with this America. I will keep doing all I can to create justice for all and wipe the spit from my face and the grit from my brow and clean up the ashes of the crosses burned in my sight. I will NOT make peace. Not with this.

I am grateful that you weren’t physically hurt. Sometimes, this time, physically hurt feels less hurtful and less damaging than what happened.

Wrong is wrong. No further explanation.

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