my sister didn’t think so at the time, lol!
Dave Grigger

I bet she didn’t but surely someone laughed. That’s a great story. I’d tell it all the time, too…in fact, I may begin telling it myself. But I’ll credit you. I can just see it! And feel her burning cheeks.

When my youngest sister was 3 she dropped a bottle of ketchup in the kitchen. This was when they were made of glass. ICK! Red stuff everywhere! I am almost 8 years older than she so guess who had to help clean it up. My mother yelled, “Shit” at the time and all 3 of us were stunned! We had never heard her curse. She told us to get over it and help to get the stuff off her white floors.

That night at dinner my dad was telling us some story. I don’t even remember a thing about it except that when he got to the end, my little sister calmly said, “Shit!” as if she replied to every story that way. I though my father would choke!

I tried to get really small.

My mom started to stutter and her cheeks were bright red. My dad was so startled. Then he laughed. It WAS funny. To this day, my mother won’t use that word and gets angry with us for using it…anything else is fine. Just not shit.

Kids are so funny!