Respect the Album. I Dare You.
Oliver “Shiny” Blakemore

I do not own an iPod. I did for two weeks but before I opened it someone from an animal shelter approached me to ask if I might have something to donate for them to raffle. Here,take this pretty purple iPod. They did. And made money for animals.

I am laughed at for buying CDs. And albums, except not as often because I buy those at this great store full of them and people who like them. We have 4 turntables. I have original Beatles’ albums I bought when I was a kid. I saw them at my 1st ever concert. I was 10.

Technically, my first concert may have been my piano recital. To be precise, my first rock concert was one where John, Paul, George and Ringo performed as a group. I heard nothing, at all. The screams sounded like that buzz that is the sound of silence. I thought I’d gone deaf.


I don’t care if “they” laugh. It just shows me they haven’t a clue what they’re missing: the story. The thread. The thing that makes it whole and more delightful. Whatever the genre.

When I walk I do listen through my phone but my play lists are albums, entire CDs. In order. Because I like the stories.

Thank you for this, Oliver. Another launch into thought space, my favorite place!

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