Snapshots From Nights Passed

I love reading stories of your mother. She sounds amazing, fun, whimsical and she certainly did adore you. I am sorry she is gone.

Giving you the “grounding confidence in who I know myself to be” surely must have made her feel she had accomplished her greatest wish. I can’t imagine a greater gift for any parent to offer a child.

You are very lucky to have had such a mom. I’d have loved to know her. I would have love to play awful guitar with her and laughed at her stories.

I look forward to more stories about your mom. And some stories about your dad, as well. I am intrigued with a man who’s marry such a lovely woman especially one who was a spy, it seems, yet quite due to the violence and homophobia of the agency. Now there’s a story!

Thanks for sharing your mom with us, again. She always makes me smile and tonight, she caused me to tear up a bit, as well.

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