Thank you so much!

I shall remember your kind offer: thanks!

I know you are right that we never moved forward. I have a bad habit of idealizing the 1960s when I was a girl. Bipartisan legislation was moving through and being signed by LBJ. Medicare, a student loan program that helped students rather than banks, anti-poverty programs and all the equal rights and voting rights legislation. There were real changes made but I realized long ago they were too much like the changes of Reconstruction. I mean, really? What were they thinking?

And then Reagan.

I am so old that I actually saw separate water fountains and doctors’ offices with separate doors. I saw stuff on TV that was torture, violence and terrorism: live, in black and white. It makes me nuts.

I have relatively recently discovered the part my own family played in this awful mess:

“More importantly: your journey.”

and more emotionally, so perhaps a better read:

“I know that video.”

Because I think I’m a modern day Joan d’Arc, although I don’t hear God’s voice, I do feel called to do something. Whatever that is forms, informs and might just be that book. If I could get people to hear, to understand that this idea of America can only work if we all come together. Defensiveness seems to block the hearts of too many “allies” and that’s just sad. It has to stop. Everyone has to begin hearing the truth with the same ears.

I wish we had a Tutu here to help us through. Reconciliation is a must to develop the trust we need before we can become open to one another.

I’m going to a family wedding in Houston this Friday. My sister is driving. I’m going to be busy but for the drive and the several hours of free time I will have, I’ll be reading “Scoops” and I can’t wait!

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