OMG! I recently purchased an antique Joan d’Arc brooch for a friend of mine who I suspect is a…
Sherry Caris

I will send it tomorrow…there are 15, at most, so I understand. AIDS one the 2nd to last added and they added the last just a few years ago, as I recall. I think it was an autoimmune disease.

My neighbor was rejected for her benefits on the 1st try. I told her that story as she was not going to appeal. As she worked on her appeal she was diagnosed with MS rather than “suspected neurological inflammatory disorder” and 3 weeks after her physician sent that update to the Social Security Administration, she was approved and told to drop her appeal which ues how I came to know that MS is on the list. As far as I know, the only illness they ever announced going onto the list was AIDS, because of the activists insisting on it. I wish we had Lupus activists with a quarter of their fight!I guess we are all too fatigued. We do now, although only recently, have a great foundation fighting for us and informing us but still, nothing like those AIDS activists if the 80’s who fought for their friends.

Yes, INFP’s are the rarest among the MB types, although there are many of us, still. Carl Jung was one. I’m reading his Red Book now. I have read all his books. In this one, it is so apparent to me that he is our type, although I know we are all different. He held a rather dim view of us.

I have taken the test 6 times, originally because my psychiatrist of old used it for his work. The other times I was in a study a friend was doing for her PhD about dreams, creativity and personality types. I enjoyed taking the MB but I also had to take that zillion question MBTI, I think it is called. I didn’t like that.

I still remember the only question the made me stop on the MB. Do you prefer mercy or justice? Something like that. My brain stopped and still does: can we have one without the other? That’s how I think…or feel;). I chose mercy, of course, but only after taking the rest of the test and then going back. All 6 times.

I’m an “off the scales” Intuitive and Perceptive so my head is in the clouds and I am always late; have 15 projects going, at once, and usually finish only one. I’m interested and curious about everything.

When I was starving I lost my ability to intuit, if that’s a verb. It was then I realized how much I rely on my intuition to navigate life! I had a very tough time learning to live without it. I was off balance and unsure. I mourned my loss of it. I felt as if I had lost my sight. My dad and his mom were deeply intuitive, though neither took the test. They just “knew” things. Thankfully, my intuition returned around Thanksgiving!

I scored almost in the middle E/I and T/F. And I irritated everyone around me when I was younger trying to save the world. Now I am better at understanding people may wish to remain “unsaved” and I respect their choice. But I’m usually here if they need me;)!

Well, that was a long answer! I bet your friend loves her brooch. It sounds lovely!

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