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I’m so sorry and appalled that anyone would foster the notion that humans have a norm. I am beginning to understand why we are so screwed up generally. I think we do best when we realize our unique purposes.

My neice was sleeping through the he night at 4 months, except when she was teething or sick and weaned herself at 9 months. Ziggy, on the other hand, was always a poor sleeper. I mean, the poor kid was up cutting his hair at 3 a.m. He seems to be catching up now but he is 21! Together, their different schedules and sibling rivalry drove my poor sister crazy especially because she slept rarely.

My Lupus causes me to overwhelming fatigue yet when it dies, I cannot sleep. It is all I dream of but it rarely comes. I will be lucky to sleep for 2 hours in 24. My brain fog gets awful. I can’t remember anything and I make it worse by worrying that I won’t get better, that my husband will have to lock me away where someone will have to care for me. My brain has always done me proud. The fog scares and angers me.

I totally agree that sleep is the key…and good nutrition. I learned that the hard way. I keep organic nutrition drinks in my fridge for the bad days which sneak up without warning.

“Hang in there” sounds like a stupid thing to say but please do! When one must wait out one’s son, one hasn’t much choice. The older he gets the more he’ll move and tire himself out, especially when those darned teeth fill his tiny mouth.

I hope you can get your conversation going about post-partum/post-natal depression. I know so many who faced it. And who had no one to talk to. It is no time to feel isolated and alone.

My heart is with you and I 'm sending good thoughts you way daily!

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