The daughter

Keep using your voice. It will lead you to you, the you who is your father’s daughter and the you who isn’t. Your writing will lead you to own your name. I wrote for years under “Glass Covered Heart” as I felt that fragile from family mental illness, rape, chronic illness. I’m using my name, unashamed, no longer afraid to be judged. I judge me. No one else has that right.

We all have such stories similar to yours. They are part of us but never all of us unless we keep them secret. Secrets hide who we are allowing shame to distort us.

Honesty is powerful and hard, a lifelong struggle but the only road to freedom. Being free opens us to love, first for ourselves, then others. Love breaks us, hones us with pain and opens us to a becoming. Shadows illuminated brighten paths that once seemed too scary to walk. Don’t walk, dance! We are shadows and light, intricate creations of joy and shame, sorrow, hurt and grief, connected through our stories. Anything can happen. Let it!

This piece is honest. It touches me deeply. Become who you are. Fly free. Write out loud: your voice is lovely.