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Love this, Anna…we all had screaming guts during his 1st, if that was his 1st, incarnation, too. But most people are kind, open and generous of heart. He is accustomed to grooming most people.

Good advice: listen to and always trust our instincts. It is what people like him count on us not doing.

I missed his whatever this incarnation is because I do not believe it is only his 2nd or 3rd. After reading the comments here and alto’s, as always, detailed and fair detective and analytical work, I’m grateful to have missed him. His odd, to me, insistence to leave and return and continue grooming belie his insistence that he doesn’t offend. He offends me but I mean literally offend, as in break the law. As I recall he admitted to looking at photos of children…I assumed he didn’t mean pictures of the kind I have of my niece and nephew but the kind of pictures that would get him arrested if detectives searched his hard drive. That is an offense but he seems to have a different interpretation of the letter of the law and an interpretation of a lot else that the rest of us don’t share. At least he did when he was “Justin”. And his writing, as miranda deely points out, offended us all.

Be glad you missed his initial debut and departure. It was simpering, self-serving and mired in denial and poor communicating. I am sorry you read anything he wrote.

But happy you have reminded us all of to listen to our guts and heed them!

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