The Humiliation of Certainty
Sherry Caris

Oh, I am laughing with tears but not because I am embarrassed. This is too funny! Thanks for making me laugh out loud, even though I did awaken my sleeping dogs who are now barking along with my laughter. It is very loud in here. Jack Russells can bark!

I laugh when I am afraid. How weird is that? I once fell off and under a racing catamaran. The rope on the sail somehow wrapped around my leg so no one could slow the boat. Or find me.

Every few seconds I managed to get my mouth above water to take a breath. I heard my then boyfriend freaking about what he was going to tell my father when my body was recovered. I laughed and laughed even as I fully expected to drown.

Once I finally realized about the rope and untangled it from my leg, the boat stopped and the other three aboard just got really angry when they heard me laughing hysterically.

It really wasn’t funny.

I feel you, friend!