Oh, please let this be the case! Consequences all around for our sad, incompetent, lying 2nd rate president of vice under Bannon. He seems somehow immune to consequences, so far. But Karma…

julian, I swear I’m not stalking you. You might think so seeing my sudden influx of hearts today. I’ve spent the last hour reading your work. I can’t stop!

Yesterday, I received a push notification via phone re: your series on marriage. I started reading it outside on our patio. Then my dog’s actually caught a squirrel. Even they were surprised.

Catching a squirrel has been their main ambition since the day they arrived. The squirrels toss pecans, acorns and stuff at them. (At night racoons toss apples at their heads but that’s another story.) Anyway, thanks to the dogs and my attempt to save the squirrel, I never finished your series.

So today I went to your profile page to find your series. I still haven’t accomplished that but I shall. Instead, I have found my new source of news. I stopped reading or watching any news, including Medium, beginning around 3 a.m. on November 9. I had been an addict. Since January 21st, I have been tiptoeing back in to media.

You have done a great job of blending real facts with humor, helping me realize that I might best survive this ghastly mess by finding the its obvious humor. I’m even watching, for the 1st time ever, Spicer’s news conference. I’m cracking up. You have to see his “visual” of why the GOP healthcare replacement is best. (Is it for 1st graders?) Melissa McCarthy couldn’t do it better. She, of course, means to be funny.

You, sir, have a gift! Thanks for sharing it. No longer will I start my day with The New York Times and The Guardian. They will be 2nd and 3rd to your brilliant The Hit Job. I’m already addicted.

Speaking of marriage, my husband thanks you. I sent him your lactose intolerance bunker video. He was thrilled that it wasn’t the usual Olberman video rant…

BTW: while I’m sorry that Trump ruined your wife’s dad’s business, I know he’d agree that if that’s what it took, sort of, to bring you and his daughter together, it was worth that and more: what a beautiful family!

Thanks for the laughs!

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