once upon a time. (warning.)
walkerjo lee

Karma’s Gift To WalkerJojones

and to me and to the children whose childhoods were and are stolen while cookies bake

Once upon a time you deserved, and still do, the love, the safety and the protection and everything good you gave those little ones. Now you can offer that to you. And you do. And it is a beautiful thing.

Once upon a time and often you wrote a story about what they stole and what their theft took from you and you wrote it over and over and over and today you wrote it best. And you held your breath for a second and hit “publish” so it is proud and out and can help the too many other little girls and boys whose childhoods were once stolen and are being stolen now.

Because you saved yourself and wrote about that you showed us all that you are worth everything, especially love, safety, peace and made a pattern for a path back. Back to you. And you showed every broken child who never got to be a child that they, too, are worth everything. Because no one else can love them enough to save them once they are broken. But like you did for you, they can for them. Like steel through the fire, we are refined and toughened and make the choice to survive, to feel, to let the tears come and then we love us. And forgive. Forgive us. And let go of the shame that was never ours in the 1st place.

Today, not once upon a time, you are my hero. And a writer demanding something important: that people pay attention always to the children so that not even one will be silenced and raped while cookies bake and fill the air with their aroma while a child’s screams and tears and feelings are stuffed deep as those dirty socks were in your innocent mouth.

Today, and in the future, Karma brings you its most special gifts because you shared this story of horror and healing and hope; because you were there for yourself. Karma brings you what you give: healing, hope and love.

I think you are amazing. I see you with my heart, read your words with my eyes, feel you with my broken child’s now healed body and I think you are amazing and I am grateful. To you. To love. To life. Even to that refining fire. Because all of that made you.

And like the surprise of a flower among foliage where it doesn’t belong: there you bloom. And open.And become who you are, unique and breathtakingly and beautiful.

And I gasp. With delight and amazement at your grace.

Grace is Karma’s greatest gift because it is unearned.

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