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Sane or insane, PTSD or “healthfully” functioning, diagnosed, misdiagnosed or never diagnosed: believe it or not, this piece describes what goes on in most humans, at least most I care to know. I’ll admit, I like people who have insight into who they are, who might over think and even believe they are in some sort of control for a while. It takes a brave heart to do that much, a braver one to go ever further and finally just be.

You can’t be responsible for what anyone else thinks says it does with your words and everyone may take your words differently. Their judgement of your words, of our words usually, maybe always, involves projection. That’s life, I suspect.

Response to your words, although you can’t control it, is what it is. Writing the words is all you can be responsible for. Sharing the words will heal someone, at least, probably because they believe they share your experience. They may or may not. I don’t believe it matters, to be honest. And I thank you for allowing me to know you better even if I have used your words in ways you didn’t mean or suspect. Writing the words heals you. That’s what is important.

Your writing is always meaningful, creative, deep, thought provoking and it makes me jealous.

Thank you for writing. Thank you for publishing so I can read it.