Colette Clarke Torres this is really beautiful. Truly. ♡
Wild Flower

Thank you so much, Wild Flower, for the kind words and especially for reading my poem.

I see the Egrets often in the creek which runs through fields of wildflowers. Like you. Your photo reminds me of the flowers.

In that creek I also see Great Blue Herons, Little Blues, Yellow Crested Night Herons and Green Herons. All but the Green Herons eat crawfish…the Greens eat the fish. The Greens fish intelligently as do fly fishermen and women. I could watch them all day. They are very patient and ingenious.

In the winter when the trees in the woods behind our home are bared of their leaves, I can watch them feeding from the windows. Especially the Egrets because they are so white white. They are a gift!

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