Boys Don’t Cry

Thank you for this brave, powerful, and very personal piece.

“ The generational effects of all we as a melanated male collective have been and still are enduring have left us spiraling downward towards a place I personally don’t feel we were ever meant to witness.”

No, you were never meant to witness and live that place! It is an affront to humanity. Once we all confess and reconcile to the harm we have done to each other and to ourselves, perhaps we can begin to connect to the shared space of love common in each of us.

I wish you the best. I wish you life. It isn’t always happy. Anything can happen. Make it yours, make your voice heard. It is powerful.

Thanks for bringing a special joy to my life with this piece. It feels as if I am watching the beginning of healing, a powerful blooming of life!

Boys may not cry but men can…and do.