Thanks for the recipes and for the explanation of how the party got started. I am not old and while most on Medium do seem under 30, I wouldn’t return to that age, or 40 or 50, for anything. Each decade gets better in every way, even with the few physical limitations that I may face a bit earlier than some. My inside self has always led me. My outside follows so I am, to my mind, ageless. And I do not purchase things with safety caps.

I hate to miss the evening with this wise and creative group. I admire you all. I will enjoy reading your story with great interest, Solitary Cook. And thanks for the menu and the recipes which are easy to prepare and sound delicious. I have a lovely set of ramekins my grandmother used to set her Panna Cotta. I have used them only once since she died in 1984. Twice will be exciting.

Enjoy the evening, all!

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