Does Calling Your Representative Work?

Thanks for this. In addition to calls, which do work, everyone may download or read a manual written by former Congressional staffers explaining the most effective ways in which to get your representatives to hear you and need your call at Indivisible.

While you are visiting the above link, please check out Indivisble groups in your area (because we need to retake our democratic institutions at the very roots) and the calendar of events. Indivisible does a great job of coordinating with other like-minded groups. Do sign up to receive their weekly emails of events: the louder we are consistently and the more effectively we communicate, the sooner we will have our country back.

Our liberal democratic Republic is worth everything. We became complacent. We are no longer. Even people I know who voted for Trump have turned against him. They do not want to live in an authoritarian oligarchy.

We, the People can do this with informative pieces like this, Josh: thanks so much!

And check out Indivisible Movement on Medium. I just discovered them here! Cool!

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