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Thanks so much, Deborah. I have learned so much from your writing and admire you for you life experiences, for thriving, for being an engaging and informative writer and a loving step mom. I hope kids in tough family situations read you forever for an example of someone succeeding because they made that choice, found and fought to keep supporters and mentors and grew daily. You are a champion!

While I didn’t write my piece to get responses, I’m so glad to hear from you. I understand the Kindle problem. I usually access Medium from my Note 3 which is challenging. I can’t message or read a message anyone sends to me. In the past week if I respond to any piece, the moment I hit “publish” Medium goes dark. And just yesterday Medium updated adding a really irritating new problem. In the past when I received an email informing me of a response, I could hit the “recommend” button included at the bottom. That would open the Medium app and take me directly to the comment where it showed my recommend and I could read the entire response. I could respond, if I so desired. Now it just open the Medium app. At least I can go to “notifications” to more quickly find and recommend the response, but I don’t understand why Medium has used recent updates to cause the app to be less useful. I, too, ask Medium to please help to make all platforms easy to use.

Thanks again for reading my piece. I feel good to know you received my thank you. You have brought so much good to my life and are a talented voice and cartoonist. If I can volunteer again with kids, your work will be read by them and they will learn that when one reached, one can grasp light.

See you on Medium!

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