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Thin Man,

If I may, I hope you will reconsider leaving Medium especially because your responses to the “racist gun fetishist” will disappear, it seems. That would be a shame.

I, too, prefer not to read poorly written, poorly researched hateful screeds by scared people blaming others for their perceived abuse. Even more I’d prefer never to read anything by anyone incapable of self reflection. But I am not sure it is Medium’s job to censor writers, even those who write hateful, poorly researched pieces from a place of fear. I understand your anger. It seems reasonably placed upon the writer not the platform. We are a land purporting to believe in free speech, after all, even if it isn’t smart speech. And your responses do a masterful job outing the writer for what he is. Most everyone reading your back and forth will easily see the truth, thanks to your words, and to his own.

Having just found your work tonight via a response to yet another insightful piece by Thaddeus Howze, I do hope you’ll reconsider. Your masterful task completed, you may now ignore hateful screeds should you choose. He won’t change his mind. He never responds to your points or to factual evidence. I suspect he is willfully blind. That is his right.

And your right and privilege is to find the best Medium has to offer and continue to add to it. There is much to read here amazing and wonderful. Gutbloom describes it so much better than I ever could:

Why I Am Enjoying Medium Right Now” @MrMildew

(Perhaps the Medium Editor doesn’t work as it should on mobile devices? Since the neat box didn’t appear, I created a link, instead. Not as pretty and unwieldy, it should, at least, get you to the story. It is worth a read and a recommend.)

I hope you’ll decide to stay and add your experienced voice as it is much needed in discussions of justice for all. Thanks for your writing. I hope to read more in the future!

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