Thin Man,

I’m taking some time off from Medium but found this today and thought you might find it of interest. I tried to attach it to a response you’d written regarding the Stanford Rapist and his future likelihood to repeat offend and leave no witness.

You, good sir, have been busy on Medium, I’m happy to see. I’m on my phone and haven’t time to find that specific response so this just floats…

As I recall, some thought you stepped too far in making the assumption this rapist might kill. Ignorance can, indeed, be bliss. In this particular area I am neither ignorant nor blissful.

Somewhere on Medium is a response I wrote about my own experience with a rapist who had 3 prior convictions before he found me in 1973 when I was 17. It was noted at the time my mother learned that he had been convicted of 3 prior rapes and given a privileged “sentence” that he had never come as close to killing them as he had me.

The above linked story reminded me that I forgot to “defend” your correct prognostication. I became distracted and forgot…not that you need my defense.

Hope this finds you well, Thin Man. Thank you for sharing your gifted self with me through Medium. I always find it informative and usually entertaining, too. I see today I have much to catch up with when I return.

“See” you then. Take care.