come on, Colette Clarke Torres, give me a late, late night “respond.”
Thomas R. Barton, JD

THOMAS BARTON JD: an hour ago. A whole hour ago. Medium tells me an hour ago you asked for 2 sentences. Can’t you sleep? Are you sad? Or just in from a fun night? Up and sleepless? I should read all your “stuff” backwards but my head hurts. Not because of you. I haven’t slept in 4 days cuz of this dumb infusion I get which is supposed to make me well for a month but always makes me ask if it’s worth the…well, enough about me.

I usually write late at night in the dark by the light of my phone or PC, light that’s blue. Not the moonlight that’s usually yellow or white. Once I drank while I wrote cuz I thought I’d be Faulkner or Joyce. Maybe Fitzgerald but I can’t do a love like poor Zelda. Then I grew up. Sort of. I can only write me. And anyway, they’re dead. (Are you sorry yet that you gave me a shout out? I’ve surpassed my 2 sentences…)

This is STILL about me.

So an hour ago you were up. Are you still? It’s 2:10 here. Is it where you are? Or is it 3 or 1?

I should read why you are up. Or maybe it’s more fun to guess?

I hope all is well, that’s the truth.

I am hungry. A banana cinnamon Good Pop sounds good. I have 4 boxes in the freezer. Hmmm. But walking downstairs seems harder than reading backwards. Oh, hell. I must do it. To see what you’re up to or were an hour ago.

And how did you know I was up?

Let me look…hang on a second.

Oh! Sorry, I did read that earlier. I even recommended it. It made me laugh. You and I aren’t losers or were you calling Medium a loser for trying to find us? I’m on my phone and I keep getting “M” pushes so decided to mute it and instead started to read. Oh, and because I forgot I had read your note doesn’t mean that you (or it) are forgettable, it’s this med and my aching and sleepless head.

I take exception to you calling you (and me) late night losers, although I think I just described a loser night for me. But you? Surely not!

Do you write in the dark?

Hey, I know something you can do to pass time that might actually be fun or embaressing or both. I’m going to do it when my head stops hurting which should be tomorrow. Let me find it and paste it in:

Did Someone Say Community?” @alto

Sherry Caris asked me to play so I’ll ask you. alto started it with an idea from miranda deely and he’ll tell you the story at the above link. It that James Lipton game, sort of, those questions he asks, except I don’t remember a few being quite so intrusive but hey, that makes it more fun or you don’t have to answer those but it’ll give you something to do, should you need it. Or you can read others' answers.

At least you can stop reading my stream of consciousness crap…

Thanks for the shout out. It made me feel human. Which is better than I have felt since late Wednesday.

Have a good evening…um, morning. My dog is snoring and I may be better cuz I really want that Good Pop so I’m going to go get it even though it will wake Abby (my dog). She and I are alone because we got grumpy so were asked to please move to another room hours ago by her dad who is my husband and her brother who really can’t talk cuz he is a Jack Russell Terrier like her. But they bark. Loudly and often.

Top of the morning, Esquire Barton and have a great Sunday. I hope my scribblings haven’t given you, too, a headache. I’d give you a Good Pop if you were here but since you’re not (are you?) answer those questions and again, have a great early morning!

Abby wants to see you. She’s looking:

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