Thank you Colette.
Sherry Caris

What a lovely thought. Thank you for sharing it with me.

I look forward to reading more of your work. It seems we have shared some of the same experiences. Mine are recorded among responses so harder to find. I meant to be a reader, at first and instead began responding. How could I not reading such amazing stories of amazing lives?

I love reading about life experiences and how they make us. We are more alike and different than we might think.

Thanks for sharing yourself so lyrically. Your writing is lovely.

And I adore your bid orange cat! I had its identical twin years ago. I named him Ra for the Egyptian sun god, so bright and orange was he. But, a deity he wasn’t. He behaved like a redneck beer drinking pickup truck driver, to my horror. He hated everyone but me. He but everyone and peed on a special few. He was a horror to everyone but me. He quickly became Bubba. He was a god to me. I adored him. He accompanied me through 3 states, 4 jobs, scratched me awake one night when I had passed out from septicemia. In his old age we married my husband and his dogs. Still, Bubba ruled. He boxed the dogs into submission, never once looked at my husband.

His last year of life, I gave him IV fluids once a week until he curled up one night and went to sleep never to awaken. I was out of town so my husband had to take his body to the Vet. Bubba had the last word, as usual.

I’m still see him in the Central Texas sunset glowing orange and mean, to everyone but me.

Enjoy that beauty!

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