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Wow, I taken aback by your kindness. Jennifer! Thank you! I am truly touched.

And I am so impressed with Grace! What a question. You must be exhausted by day’s end just standing ready to answer such intelligent and prodding questions. I have several Buddhist friends who chose not to have children. It is hard for them to explain that to most adults.

I had to laugh reading what your father said. My dad didn’t forbid me the day I told him that I had changed my major from Philosophy but he did shake his head and say. “Creative writing? And you work at a bank every summer? Could you have chosen to lower laying careers?” Of course, I could have! Philosophers make how much? And banking was my career even after I chose majors by perusing graduation requirements and considered only those that didn’t require any math.

Guess who is the only published author in our family? My dad. He was an amazing artist, an even better storyteller and writer but it was only after he had built a business, put three daughter through college, two through grad school, sold his business, retired then found out he had lung cancer that he finally chose to do what he never told us he dreamed to do: write a book.

Control. We have so little even over ourselves. His best lessons were always taught by how he lived.

Thanks for your kind words. They mean more than you can know. I look forward to reading more of your work, reading you as you grow bolder and more confident to be the amazing person you clearly already are. And selfishly, I hope you offer us some recipes for your soups!

Thank you, Jennifer. Kiss your children for me.