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Write on, my Aussie friend! Starve those trolls and haters. (And block them, if they insist.) I shouldn’t be stunned they struck but I am. Still. Yes, I’m rather dense and too optimistic.

Thanks for this truthful, brave and wonderful post. And, again, I am so glad that you’re back! You have too much important to say so, again, write on. Write away! (And please forgive my bad puns.)

I’m so very sorry that your little man is teething. Goodbye to sleep and quiet days for a bit. It will seem longer than it is.

My mom rubbed Paregoric on our gums when we teethed, said it worked like magic. I don’t recall it, of course, but when she suggested it for Zoe and Ziggy, I Googled it: Camphorated Tincture of Opium. Yum! No wonder we, and she, slept!

If I were closer, I’d volunteer to rock him myself and hold ice to his gums, at least long enough for you to nap. Good luck!

See you on Medium, Emily!