The Adventures of Tiger the Cat — 6: On the Road Again
Sherry Caris

Yay! My favorite kitties are back. And as bodaciously clueless, ingenious and adventurous as ever, although a bit homesick. Who can blame them? I’d be homesick, too, for a mom as creative and witty with as huge a heart as Sherry Caris and a dad as humble and enormously talented as Peter, so talented and well known that I don’t have to Google him. My 1st boyfriend in college drilled his work and name into my brain and we listened to Lampoon radio every Friday night in his apartment with friends and the candle lit dark, high, munching and laughing until tears ran. I distinctly remember one skit, if that’s the correct word, in which a guy screamed for minutes. I have a story about that for another time.

So I knew about Peter even before he won his biggest awards! If I still knew that guy, I’d brag to him that I follow Peter’s cats on Medium and that his wife is my friend. (We broke up because he believed I was too competitive. Pfft!)

Thanks for this and every installment. Abby and Kozmo and I look forward to your comix. They want a comix about them. I told them to learn to draw. Abby sez, “How? We haven’t any thumbs.” She actually said, “brf, bark, yip, grr” but I know what she meant. Even though I have thumbs, I cannot draw. I think she is out of luck. And Kozmo is moping because I won’t let him smoke. “Raleigh does!” is not a reason. Kozmo is young and wants to look cool.

We await the next installment with bated dog and person breath! We are a bit worried about that trucker’s hat and his true intent. Why is he giving our handsome but naïve heroes a ride, we wonder…

Stay tuned.

We shall!

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