I have been accused of intolerance and hate. That is not me. Well… except for those who are guilty of prejudice in any form. Those who abuse and use others for their own agenda. I will neither tolerate nor even attempt to “love” them. For me? There is little of the former and NONE of the latter. They need to change or they have zero space allotted in my world. It’s really that simple.
It’s way past time. Don’t ya think?

Is it really that simple?

Hmmm… To rise, this morning, to ponder such deep-ness. I’ve been in the deep end for a couple of weeks now. It’s cold and dark there, but oh so necessary.

I was hoping to wake and frolic carelessly with the tadpoles in the shallows; thawing out in the sunlight, watching dragonflies and catching glimpses of rainbows off their wings.

Firstly, hello there. It’s been a long while.

Your piece brought this up in my heart.

Please receive it in the spirit in which it is intended; one of love and peace. I can be blunt, often accused of being abrasive, which I must accept. It is not my intention, but I know not another way of being, yet.

“Accused of intolerance and hate”

“That is not me”


Aaaah… the ‘EXCEPT’!

May I be so bold as to suggest that THAT, is all of us?

We are all tolerant of our preferences; the things we desire, accept, identify with, understand.

But, there is much we do not understand or identify with. So, we reject it, are intolerant of it… until… something comes into our lives, forcing us to change our own perspective. Sometimes that thing never comes, and we die with our ignorance. (Isn’t that a morbid thought? Told you I’ve been dwelling in the darkness) We never know what has brought a person to their own personal beliefs.

These are our prejudices.

Love — “there is NONE of the latter”

In complete, total absence of love, what is left but hatred?

“They need to change or they have zero space allotted in my world.”

Ouch! ‘Tis not your world, Sweetness, ‘tis not even your bubble, we have no bubble, we are interconnected beyond our human comprehension. Does this belief in our own personal ownership of a ‘space’ perhaps not cause so much of the world’s troubles? I wonder.

No one ever needs to change to align with another’s beliefs, they need only stay true to themselves. Even God (if you believe in one) is said to have given us free will. Who do we think we are imposing ours on others? Yet we do, every one of us.

If we are accused of intolerance and hate, our accuser is right. That IS us, because we are so awfully human and as such, have both characteristics within us, begging to be overcome, for the sake of peace. But no! We tolerate not what we don’t understand; in fact, we hate it, because we so desperately want to believe in our own goodness over those parts of ourselves that we reject and hate.

Please accept this as my mere opinion, my truth, (at this point in time) from a good space in my heart. I accept that whatever I currently believe, the opposite is also true for someone else.

Much love, TeriJo.

“The opposite of what you know is also true. Accept that other people’s perspectives on reality are as valid as your own (even if they go against everything you believe in), and honor the fact that someone else’s truth is as real to them as yours is to you.” — Timber Hawkeye