Wild Flower

Wild Flower, you could not have a more apt name!

You overwhelm me, precious one. I needed some time to digest this. It was an emotional read. At 27, you are a mere 7 years older than my daughter. I am not so good at adulting, I can’t get my head around it. I still feel like a kid so my inner child and I are really tight but I feel my motherly instincts kick in with you.

You make me proud, you give me hope in an often ugly world, you fill me with gratitude for having ‘met’ you, YOU make ME feel okay!

It is wonderful to dream. BUT to act on those dreams is inspiring and brave and admirable! So go get ‘em! Keep doing what you’re doing and with the spirit of gratitude that you do it with. It is so beautiful to ‘see’.

Incomplete? I think not Wild Flower, but I understand this feeling well. At this time, I think it is just part of existential pain, but that you are using it to make a positive difference in this world is what matters. You are by no means naïve to think that you can, because you CAN. You make me smile, a big warm, feeling of completeness smile.

Allow yourself the privileges. Privilege is so charged with guilt and sadness, I know, I feel it too, but it is possible to use it well. Allow yourself to live for you too, it’s ok.

Privilege is relative. To so many, education and healthcare, water and food, are basic rights. For many, here where I live, these things are a privilege.

One of the greatest privileges in my life is that I ‘work’ with preschool children. So while you may feel that you are leaving the privileges of your society, if you love being with children, there will be no shortage of privilege when you work alongside these little people. They are just the most incredible blessing.

Some days I walk through the gates, flustered, rushed, hair uncombed, tearful from some or other personal crisis and a group of kids comes flying my way to hug me. One clambers closer than the rest to show me her wiggly tooth with the biggest ass grin you ever did see on her face. Another tells me how pretty my uncombed hair is today. So many stories, so many smiles. How can you beat that? They teach me so much. They bring me such joy. I do the best I can by them, but there is no denying that they give as much as (if not more than) they receive.

I am so glad you are not Mother Theresa or Gandhi, you’re Wild Flower. We need wild flowers. Have you seen how they brighten up lustreless fields?

Be alive with curiosity, live life in shades of Desigual. (Me like this Spanish designer, simple yet bright and boldly colourful).


You feel okay because you are. And when you don’t feel okay, that’s okay too. There is too much pressure on us to feel okay all the time. Call me an under achiever but sometimes I don’t feel okay and I’m okay with that. I just can’t maintain okay 24/7/365 and I am done apologizing for that.

Your rhyme! EISH! (That’s a South African/Swazi expression of exclamation, a kind of polite version of FUCK! It can be either positive or negative, just like ‘fuck’) I use it totally in the positive here. I love it!

I will raise my glass in reverence to you this weekend, I may even make it a coconut rum in your honour; coffee just won’t do.

Let the wildness of your soul not succumb to suppression!

Perhaps one day you will dance around a fire with tribal Swaziland.

Plans are overrated, Flow!

Play amongst and be blessed by the children.

You are destined to make wonderful changes!

“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation” — Rumi

There is no saying goodbye, Wildflower. You’ve touched my heart. I see you when I’m rambling in the mountains. I think of you. I took pics of wild flowers this past weekend while I told my love about this wonderful girl in Australia called Wild Flower.

There is still time, so I will not wish you safe travels just yet, but I am there with you every step of the way as you prepare for the amazing journey ahead of you.