Direct Light..

So imagine your laptop.. you use it a lot.. your stare at it.. you see things all day.. they seem perfectly clear to you.. all the while you are sitting in a perfectly well lit room(as far as you know). Then something happens.. the sun beams through the window and hits your screen, and all of the sudden the dirt is exposed. Things you could not see are visible, smudges and all sorts of particles. The problem is.. now all you see is that crap.. your focus becomes the dirt because it has been revealed.. sometimes you try to push through.. finish what your doing.. but you can’t. You’re have 2 options.. turn from the light and ignore the filth or clean it up and move on.. Many times we continue on oblivious to the little things that keep us from “clearly” seeing whats right in front of us and we really believe we are seeing everything fine.. Jesus wants to put direct light on us not so that we would focus on the dirt but so that we would remove it and walk in His fullness.. Full truth, complete in understanding, intentional, and life giving.. Unimpeded by the particles

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