The Dickonomics of Tinder
Alana Massey

  1. This was amazing.
  2. It kinda seems like the low-effort approach might stem not from a historic overvaluation of dick, but from the fact that dick has always been abundant and therefore low value. That strategy seems to make more sense when you’re taking a shotgun approach, relying on low-effort, high-volume propositions because conversion rates have a ceiling that’s pretty close to the floor — i.e., “If I put in a lot of effort and am clever af, maybe I can double my response rate from 5% to 10%. Or I could just send ‘hot dress hook up?’ to every single match, cut my Tinder time by 90%, keep my weekly meeting rate about the same, and in the process weed out anyone who’s going to require anything from me except my low-value dick.” If you’re a bag of Doritos, you don’t invest in selling yourself; you just kind of sit there in all your abundance, on offer, and wait for a stoner to wander by.
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