Thomas Mulcair, Justin Trudeau, Elizabeth May, we need your combined help.

I have placed the following request on in the hope it will help the three leaders of the opposition parties work together. Elizabeth May has said she and her party will cooperate but so far Mr. Mulcair and Mr. Trudeau have not responded. Whatever you, the reader, can do to help bring this about is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Colin Mallard

We, the undersigned Canadians, request you work together, to cooperate and collaborate, even form a coalition government to provide Canada with the best leadership possible in a time when it is needed most.

The defeat of Mr. Harper’s Conservative party is a start but we need more than that. We need your combined skill, wisdom and insight to address climate change and shift from a polluting economy based on carbon — oil, gas and coal — to a non polluting one based on renewable energy. We can no longer afford an economy that increases the divide between rich and poor and destroys our environment. We need an economy that serves us and our planet, with no one and nothing left out.

Time is short, opportunity or catastrophe is directly before us. Necessity provides a brief window of opportunity. We cannot afford to let it pass. We’re at a turning point and a new way of thinking is required of us. Our air, land and water are sacred and must be treated with respect. When we fail them, they fail us.

Mr. Harper’s denial of climate change, his provocative and confrontational approach puts Canadians at risk. This is true both in our approach to the climate and to terrorism. The primary goal of terrorism is to create a climate of fear and the erosion of the freedoms we value. The Prime Minister, by stoking those fears, helps fulfill these goals. He puts Canadians at risk and creates a social climate that diminishes us all and this beautiful land we share.

The idea of democracy was to govern ourselves through the representatives we elect. It tended to be government by a majority of voters with respect and consideration for everyone including the minority. What we have today is government by a minority with little or no respect for the majority. This cannot be allowed to continue.

It is time for you as leaders to set aside egos and ideologies and to the best of your combined abilities represent us, all of us. Perhaps you’re prepared to risk another Harper government. We are not! The British political parties were forced to cooperate at the beginning of the Second World War. They recognized the seriousness of what they faced and took action. We respectfully request you do the same.

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