God, are you listening to me?
Are you there to hear my story again?
Will you stay with me when my moment comes?
I need someone, i hate it
I don’t feel like my life is worth to live
I feel like everything has no sense at all
What’s the point of being depressed all the time?
I try to be happy everyday, i try to smile
But i still feel empty, i still feel alone.
Oh it makes me angry, make me feel angry
Why i cannot be like the others ones?
They don’t think about this
And i know, i know
It’s not like they are happy every hour
The normal people
But at least they feel happiness sometimes
I don’t want to admit i’m depressed and lonely
I cannot admit it
I cannot accept the fact that i’m not perfect
I’m just another human being
I’m just some dude writing this
Trying to explain myself why i feel this way
I’m trying to see if god it’s actually listening
I haven’t be the best believer in the world
Even now i don’t know if there a god outside
But i want to believe
I want to believe in a God, because
If there is no God…
The good, the right… can even exist?

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