Future² ep. #79: Jenny Blake talks Pivoting Your Way to Your Dream Career

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Jenny Blake is motivation personified. She is a career and business strategist and international speaker who helps people move beyond burnout and create sustainable careers they love.

She is the author of the newly released book Pivot, and previously Life After College which was based on her blog of the same name) Jenny helps leaders, employees and entrepreneurs achieve greater clarity, engagement, fulfillment and impact.

Formerly, Jenny spent over 5 years at Google doing training, coaching and career development. During her time there she taught coaching best practices to Google executives all over the world as part of a global Career Guru program she helped create, later praised by CNNMoney in Google’s #2 Company to Work For acknowledgment.

She advocates looking at career as a smart phone, not a ladder (dynamic, customizable to each individual) and help employees and entrepreneurs “pivot before they leap” by finding further growth within their company or existing assets to avoid feeling like their only option is to quit.

Topics Covered:

  1. Jenny’s Podcast
  2. PIVOT Book
  3. Launching a book
  4. Working with Cheryl Sandberg at Google
  5. Leaving the safety of a big job and the income that comes with it
  6. The 3 Questions You Need to Answer to Find Your Dream Career
  7. Barriers to entry in working for yourself
  8. Productivity — The Business Ninja Tech Toolkit
  9. PIVOT Coaching
  10. Passion vs Purpose
  11. Reaching out to thought leaders and influencers
  12. Why Career is a Smartphone, not a Ladder
  13. Focus on Your Strengths, not on Doing a 180
  14. What if You’ve Got Kids and a Mortgage?
  15. Why Caring What Other People Think is a Roadblock to Personal Reinvention
  16. The Power of Routine and Meditation

Show Notes:

  1. David Astbury’s Brain Octane: https://www.amazon.com/Bulletproof-Brain-Octane-Oil-oz/dp/B00P8E0QQG
  2. PIVOT Book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pivot-Only-Move-That-Matters/dp/1591848202
  3. PIVOT Website: http://www.pivotmethod.com/
  4. Life After College Blog: http://lifeaftercollege.org/
  5. Life After College Book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Life-After-College-Complete-Getting/dp/0762441275
  6. PIVOT Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/pivot-podcast-jenny-blake/id1054817076?mt=2
  7. Jenny Blake’s website: http://www.jennyblake.me
  8. The Business Ninja Tech Toolkit: http://www.jennyblake.me/toolkit-home/
  9. Tools Mentioned: Zapier, Evernote, Google Drive, Google Everything, Asana.

Listen on iTunes: goo.gl/sMnEa0

Listen on Stitcher: www.stitcher.com/podcast/future

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