5 Reasons Collabe Will Be A Rival For Slack

Instant messaging apps have become a must-use in every small or big organization and Slack is termed as the big daddy of all business chat apps.

Slack definitely is the tool that brought real-time messaging into the forefront making internal communication efficient and productive, but Slack has its flaws. Having a few flaws is really no big deal, but if those flaws start affecting your team communication then even a small flaw becomes a big deal.

We are not here to point out where Slack lacks but here to tell you where Collabe is better and why Collabe would prove to be a rival for Slack.

1. Collabe is free while Slack isn’t

It’s no hidden fact that the free version of Slack has limited features. With a limited storage of 5 GB, only 10K archived messages can be searched and there is no access for guest users.

P.S. Collabe ‘Freemium’ version has most of the Slack premium features.

2. Collabe offers synchronized file sharing while Slack doesn’t

If you are using Slack for your team communication you know what we are talking about. When you share a file on Slack either through ‘DM’ or ‘Channel’ it gets stored with the many other files shared and when you need it you have to use your productive time to sort through the shared load.

Collabe understands how frustrating it becomes when you need urgent access to a shared file and that’s why each and every file shared on Collabe automatically gets stored in a folder named under the person sharing it making it easy to retrieve.

3. Collabe is a closed platform while Slack operates on the ‘Open Bots Platform’

Data security is the biggest concern for all organization and keeping security in mind Collabe isn’t accessible to any outsider but surprisingly, Slack is. The Open Bots platform gives access to developers who can build bots and it can result in (hopefully not!) compromising your data.

4. Collabe UI is neat while Slack UI is a messy place

We are not talking about the chat platform, that is one place where Slack has made everything easy and accessible, but it is only that place everywhere else its just messy with limited access. Keeping this in mind, Collabe is neat overall.

5. Collabe lets you create multiple teams with one click but Slack doesn’t

When you create two team say ‘1’ and ‘2’ from one organization in Slack it would probably be team1.slack.com and team2.slack.com, with different settings and configuration for both the teams. But when you create two teams in Collabe you simply create team 1 and then create another team using the ‘Add’ icon without different settings or configuration. Neat, isn’t it?

Slack definitely is progressing offering number of integrations, chat options, screen sharing and more but so is Collabe.

The coming version of Collabe would offer it all making the team communication app a collaboration app where your team can have access to many features including

●Audio calling

●Video calling



●SSO- Single sign on

We love Slack but no offense, it has its limitations and for a team to communicate properly the tool they use should be free and easily accessible that Slack isn’t, but Collabe is and always will be :)