Can You Really Trust Slack?

Slack was hacked!

We all share our daily lives, private secrets, and even our company’s data over online chat without even giving it a thought that whatever is it we are sharing can be out in the open. Agreed all apps we use claim to have the highest possible security against attackers who might hijack our account and take control of our entire communication line, but even the most promising apps have failed at it.

Yes, we are talking about the Slack.

A configuration flaw in how Slack communicates with other domains caused a bug that left all who use Slack vulnerable. Luckily it wasn’t exploited otherwise the attacker could have had access to all the chat history, shared data including your company’s intellectual property.

It took five hours for Slack to patch it up and luckily no one was affected, but you cannot count on luck at all times.

It could have happened with any app but since Slack is giving such an open platform they are responsible for it.

The SDKs — Slack Developer Kits — might be the best way to start building on the Slack platform for developers, but it again poses a threat for users. With so many open-source libraries, plugins and apps out there, it is getting a bit difficult to trust Slack.

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