Effects of Bad Email Habits on Team Productivity

Emails have been around forever but are increasingly killing time and team productivity. Sorting through the list of emails is a time-consuming process. Constant email checking disrupts attention and cuts into personal productivity.

Hyper-responsiveness or constantly checking one’s emails can lead to constant distraction during regular working hours. It can also lead increased response piling up to the first list of emails. When this behavior gets carried from a person’s working hours and cuts into their personal lives it causes anxiety and may even lead to work dissatisfaction. So, it is crucial to set time to check one’s inbox and respond to an email only when the task on hand are already done.

The other reason email cut back on team productivity is due to everyone’s tendency to work on the urgent and maybe push back the important in the process. When a person is constantly bombarded with emails, they would end up focusing on what demanded of them in the moment. This in turn causes excess work overload due to the existent piled up work on their desk. Also, team leaders should discuss with their team and allot certain fixed time duration during a day for sending mails and responses to avoid unnecessary pop-up emails to the receiver. This would in turn automatically decrease their anxiety to constantly check their emails.

Another problem related to emails is the tendency of people to cc everyone on the team. It is either to keep track or just to make sure that at least one of them would get the work done. But each email received demands that a person reads, analyse and then take an action on it. This proves to be unnecessary and time-consuming when the person has nothing to do with that particular email. So, it is necessary to really analyze if the person being cc’d really need to receive that particular email.

So, each team members should try to check their inbox count to zero but this within fixed period of times. A person can also style common signature emails that could be applied to a common situation to save time and effort to write the same emails again and again.