Here’s How We At Collabe Use ‘Notes’ in Collabe To Organize Our Blog Ideas & Posts

I’m a dreamer and so I am always coming up with ideas and being a thinker, I get lots of ideas about lots of things and they all get mixed up.

I used to note down whatever fragments I remembered on my phone as I’m not big on journals and although it was helping me but not to an extent I hoped for. Then my colleague and co-founder at Collabe came to my rescue and suggested I try our ‘Notes’ feature to keep it sorted and am sharing the results with you.


I now rely on our Notes feature to jot down my ideas when I’m by my computer and when not, I simply login to my Collabe team on my phone and write down my ideas on Notes.

It’s a quick way to go back to the idea that just popped in my head and then the idea can be transferred into drafts on that same Note (don’t get impatient, I’ll tell you all about it).

The Colour Advantage

The best part about Notes is the option of assigning a specific colour to a specific note. The ‘Idea’ note is assigned a bright yellow colour so whenever I have to add something to it I just click on the edit option of the yellow note and all the ideas are out in the open.

Similarly, for to-dos, I have a purple note, for deadlines I have a red note and so on.

I also use the colour advantage to segregate the blog categories. For example blogs under #motivation are assigned green, purple for #productivity hacks and so on.

HTML Enriched Notes

I think this is the best part about Notes (or ‘Note Colour’ is the best or both; I’m confused. You use it and then tell me).

The notepad is HTML compatible so I don’t have to use another tool to turn the idea into the draft as I can continue on the idea on the same Note I had written earlier (when it popped up in my head and I noted it down, now you remember!).

Formatting, alignment, inserting images and more can be done then and there giving writers like me an incorporated platform where everything, from penning down an idea to the final draft can be created without switching apps. Oh, and when I talk about switching apps I have another point to add.

Sharing Ideas

Collabe is basically a team communication platform (with enhanced features for the Content team too that sadly many tend to sideline) so if I’m stuck on an idea and need a little coaxing I simply ping my team and ask them if they have something to share on that topic, and you know what, everybody has ideas and Collabe gives them the perfect platform to share them.

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