Streamline Your Collabe Team Communication

Your employees aren’t necessarily at the same place same time, but that doesn’t mean the team communication cannot be effective. With Collabe it has become easier than ever for your teammates to access information and communicate from anywhere, anytime.
For promoting better business communication and productivity in the workplace our cross-platform communication service helps you get started communicating with your team, effectively. Here is a tour of its basic features along with tips to streamline your Collabe team.

#1 Signing up

Signing up for an account on Collabe takes about two minutes. Head to the homepage of Collabe and click on the Sign-Up tab, input your email address and sign up for free.

Tip: We suggest using your company email (a custom domain) so all the additional emails with that domain will be automatically added to your team after they sign up.

#2 Chat

Collabe’s main feature is instant messaging using Teams. You can make your private team and even send direct messages to colleagues.

Teams are used as a way to create separate teams and topics. Manage different projects within the same company, make a different team for different departments and a random team for some office socializing on the side.

Tip: If you are a part of a lot of Teams and want one to be easily accessible, star it in the Favorites.

#3 Advance Share

Collabe’s search is advanced and global, so if you need to find out anything at all, be it a private message between you and a colleague, teams you belong, archived conversation on a pending project, just type in the first few letters and you have an open list.

Tip: Mention a username using @ and they get an alert automatically.

#4 Notes

There are times when you need to note down some points for further use and with the Notes option on the dashboard all you need to click on it, write it down and the best part is your note is available right there anytime.

Tip: Segregate notes according to specific colours to make it easy to pick.

#5 Shared

One of the best features that save a lot of time of your team members. Share any link, file, video or image and it will automatically be stored under the sender’s name in a folder making it easy to search.

Tip: Simply click on the shared data tab i.e. Images; Videos; Files; Links and the folder are right in front of you.

Collabe is the platform that offers limitless communication possibilities. Now that you have an idea of how your communication can be streamlined with Collabe so go coordinate, communicate and collaborate.