What Will Startups Be Like in 100 Years?

To visualize the future we will have to look in the past!

Going back a 100 of years, by 1917 entrepreneurs by the name of Ford, Kellogg, Hershey, Edison, Adams, Wells and many more were busy shaping the world that we live in today. These entrepreneurs called their efforts a business or company and it was not until 1976 that the term startup was used in the same context.

What is a startup? A company; business; product; service; people; attitude or culture or an amalgamation of all! Or a lean and innovative approach to business!

So is there any difference between businesses or companies as they were called before and today’s Startups?

The entrepreneurs who started the culture of business or startup 100 years ago while pursuing their dreams or mission viewed the opportunity as a way to bring a change in the world and today’s entrepreneurs also view their startup as an opportunity to bring about a change in the world. So it can be rightly said that there’s not much difference in the thought process, but a lot of difference in the way startups are being created.

Between now and 100 years back, curiosity and infrastructure played important roles and between now and the coming 100 years technology will play the lead role. The startups 100 years ago had to create the infrastructure before they could create the startup, but in 100 years from now entrepreneurs would have to spend minimal or no time in creating the infrastructure leaving them with all the time to create their startups.

100 years from now…

Entrepreneurship will become a necessity

As the cost of living would go up so would the living standards, and to bridge the gap between the income needed to lead a comfortable life and a more relaxed and fun-filled life there will be more and more people who create a startup making entrepreneurship a necessity and not a choice. People are already taking note of it and that is why we can see a whopping rise in startups.

The quest for knowledge will increase

Even today, just type any word on the Search bar and you have hundreds of links coming up, but in 100 years it will be discovery and connectivity and exchange of ideas. The quest of information will connect one founder with the other and these types of connection will surely speed up the process of innovation.

And so will the quest for power

The learning opportunities will increase with the knowledge stores and the need of core skills will be replaced by their less complicated parts. People with access to more capital and a better network of influencers may have more power as was 100 years ago.

Innovation will lead way

The human mind is curious. It is made to create, to innovate and that innovation will continue and so will the evolution. Entrepreneurs and their ideas were around 100 years ago and will still be around in 100 years from now to take the world forward.

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