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New role at Collaborate to support our growing programme of work

JOB DESCRIPTION — Project & Relationship Manager

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About us

Collaborate is a social enterprise that supports places and partnerships to collaborate to improve social outcomes for citizens across the UK. …

New member of the practice team wanted to support delivery of our exciting work.

JOB DESCRIPTION — Head of Practice

NB we have used the job title Consultant in our adverts as it is more broadly understood, but internally we use the title of Head of Practice. This role leads delivery on projects and manages a project team. …

New roles at Collaborate, to support our expanding team


The autumn in Collaborate is often a period of reflection, harvesting learning and ideas from the year that is ending, and planning for the year to come. This year the sense of seasonal transition has been even greater as we (happily!) start to spend time together as a team after 18 months online. In the coming months we will be investing time in strengthening our team relationships and renewing our organisational purpose and strategy. We will also bring together the insights from our Hope Inquiry, through which we have been exploring whether the pandemic has moved us closer to Collaborate’s vision of a Collaborative Society.

One source of hope is the marked change in the public debate and policy: collaboration has moved centre stage. We can see this in the ambition and approach of so many places, organisations and sectors which are pushing the boundaries of policy and practice, and we are delighted to be:

Dawn Plimmer explores key ideas from the new Public Service for the Real World ebook about the potential of Human Learning Systems (HLS) in local places.

However, engaging with and influencing others in the system is often incredibly challenging. Systems are beyond the…

By Dawn Plimmer | Originally published in the MJ, on the 21 July 2021

Following the recent publication of Human Learning Systems: Public Service for the Real World — the latest instalment in a series of HLS resources — in this article we explore what HLS means for local government in conversation with Gary Wallace of Plymouth City Council, Lela Kogbara of Black Thrive and formerly Islington LBC and Ed Anderton of Redbridge LBC.

For decades we have been immersed in New Public Management (NPM) — managing public services in a way that views change as linear and something to be controlled based on ‘managers, markets and metrics’. …

This article was originally published in PolicticsHome, on the 1st July 2021.

Human Learning Systems is the type of bold and radical vision that “building back better” demands, and shows just how far the government’s own plans miss the mark.

Debates about how to run government and public services rarely run very deep. The promised inquiry into the government’s handling of the pandemic is almost certain to be a theatre of blame, recrimination and defensiveness on the part…

Collaborate CIC

We help public services collaborate to tackle complex social challenges. Get in touch: / +4420 7815 8297

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