Call for Papers: Social and Personality Psychology

We invite you to submit your work in social and personality psychology to Collabra: Psychology, the official open access journal of the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science (SIPS), published by University of California Press.

If you’ve already heard of us, you will know that Collabra: Psychology is different. It is not just another OA journal, but a journal focused on open science and rigor that actually gives back to the research community through a novel mechanism that recognizes and shares the value contributed by editors and peer reviewers. This page explains it in full.

Additionally, Collabra: Psychology, in conjunction with the mission of SIPS, is focused on scientific, methodological, and ethical rigor. Editors and reviewers do not attempt to predict a submission’s impact to the field, nor employ any topic bias in accepting articles — they will check for rigorously and transparently conducted, statistically sound, adequately powered, and fairly analyzed research worthy of inclusion in the scholarly record. The bar is set high.

But, most importantly for this call for papers, Collabra: Psychology has a great editorial team made up of your colleagues in the social and personality psychology communities, currently including:

Simine Vazire (Senior Editor), University of California, Davis

Brent Donnellan (Senior Editor), Michigan State University

Mitja Back, University of Muenster

Jeremy Biesanz, University of British Columbia

Wiebke Bleidorn, University of California, Davis

Katie Corker, Grand Valley State University

Sam Gosling, University of Texas

Nathan Hall, McGill University

Matthias Mehl, University of Arizona

Elizabeth Page-Gould, University of Toronto

Nairan Ramirez-Esparza, University of Connecticut

Rebecca Schlegel, Texas A&M University

Alexa Tullett, University of Alabama

Beth Visser, Lakehead University

We encourage you to submit your work to us, and to know that you will be supporting one of the first journals that shares actual value with all of the people who do the work and help create a journal’s brand. With many papers now published, we look forward to continued publishing success. Any questions, please contact Dan Morgan.

For Collabra: Psychology news and updates please follow @CollabraOA, the Collabra blog, or sign up for the Collabra e-newsletter.

There are many more successful and innovative features at Collabra: Psychology, including optional open peer review, potential streamlined review for articles rejected from other journals (for reasons not related to scientific rigor), article-level metrics, and article annotation from, to name just a few. Please check out the website for the full story:

We hope to hear from you soon!

(On behalf of the Editors)

— Dan Morgan, Publisher, Collabra: Psychology

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