Collabra: Psychology Research Roundup

Here at Collabra: Psychology, we believe that publishers play a critical role in ensuring that the research we publish is of the highest standard and integrity. We aim to enable, encourage, and inspire more rigorous scientific practices.

To us, this means that transparency and openness are among our core principles of rigorous science, evident not only in the Open Access research we publish, but also in our mandatory open data policy and optional open peer review (see full editorial policies here, including the TOP guidelines).

When you submit to Collabra: Psychology, you are supporting the values of transparency, scientific and ethical rigor, and equity for all parties contributing to the article’s publication — from authors to editors to reviewers (more on our model here). If you would like to join your peers publishing Open Access research across psychology, please see our Call for Papers and editorial board at

In the latest Research Roundup below, you can see our most recently-published articles, all of which have open data and open peer review.

Social Psychology

Romantic Red: Testing the Characteristics of Color–Attraction Effects in a Novel Paradigm

Lisa A. Williams, Timothy P. Schofield, Thomas J. Whitford

Cognitive Psychology

Cash or Credit? Compensation in Psychology Studies: Motivation Matters

Holly J. Bowen, Elizabeth A. Kensinger

Implicit and Explicit Memory Factors in Cumulative Structural Priming

Timothy J. Kutta, Michael P. Kaschak, Angela Porcellini, John L. Jones

Methodology & Research Practice

No Evidence for Differential Relations of Hedonic Well-Being and Eudaimonic Well-Being to Gene Expression: A Comment on Statistical Problems in Fredrickson et al. (2013)

Carol A. Nickerson