Connect with Collabra: Psychology at #SPSP2017

The Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) Annual Convention begins this week in San Antonio, TX, and we’re thrilled to have Collabra: Psychology represented there by way of its many distinguished Senior Editors, Editors, authors, and publisher, Dan Morgan. If you’d like to learn more about Collabra: Psychology at #SPSP2017, please feel free to get in touch with Dan Morgan.

Collabra: Psychology publishes scientifically, methodologically, and ethically rigorous research in 7 sections — 6 representing the broad field of psychology: Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, Personality Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Organizational Behavior — plus a highlighted focus area of Methodology and Research Practice. You can view our strong team of editors here, and our unique mission-driven, value-sharing business model here. Plus, be sure to check out our innovative options for open peer review, streamlined review, and transparency and openness guidelines here.

Follow along at @CollabraOA for #SPSP2017 updates throughout the conference and, in the meantime, we hope you enjoy this sampling of popular articles published by Collabra: Psychology:

No Child Left Alone: Moral Judgments about Parents Affect Estimates of Risk to Children

Ashley J. Thomas , P. Kyle Stanford, Barbara W. Sarnecka

Total views: 10,416 since original publication on August 23, 2016.

Implicit Preference for Straight People over Lesbian Women and Gay Men Weakened from 2006 to 2013

Erin C Westgate, Rachel G Riskind, Brian A Nosek

Total views: 6,042 since original publication on July 23, 2015.

Are We Wasting a Good Crisis? The Availability of Psychological Research Data after the Storm

Wolf Vanpaemel, Maarten Vermorgen, Leen Deriemaecker, Gert Storms

Total views: 3,836 since original publication on October 9, 2015.

The Interplay between Subjectivity, Statistical Practice, and Psychological Science

Jeffrey N Rouder, Richard D Morey, Eric-Jan Wagenmakers

Total views: 1,994 since original publication on May 11, 2016.