Should Sofia Coppola Stay In Her White Lane? Sure. But That Means Acknowledging Her Racism.
Seren Sensei

I hope you can get a chance to talk to her… I can see her point of view. But I’m sure she’d be pleased by yours… as a creative person I bet she would be thrilled to sink her teeth into something new to her. I doubt if she wants to be a female Woody Allen. The weird catch-22 I’ve had to deal with when working with “black” coworkers is white people can not mention someone’s color. It suggests I notice & that makes me racist. Plus, several years ago, I could not understand some of the “urban” temp employees while we sat in the same break room. And I recall trying to explain the phrase white trash to a woman of color. She was outspoken & wanted to know, really wanted to know but I could not connect… find connections between lives which should both be human. Could not find metaphors. If I was Sofia, I would be terrified of writing dialogue with contemporary black people. Then trying to figure out how to connect my life, the screen characters, a distant time to a current audience… create voices of any race which are real and not ridiculous… Maybe, Ms Coppola knows her current capacities.

Of course, when I was in my thirties I realized the heroine of Gone with the Wind was a slave owner. It took time but it finally sunk in. I was never a big fan but now I can’t help replacing her big scene with the dialogue “as God as my witness, I will get my slaves back…”

So after I’ve read your concerns about the movie, I may feel nothing but contempt for the characters & their insulated lives.

That would be hypocrisy on my part. But coming from a place 150 yrs distant, living in my own bubble, that’s the best I can do. Today.

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