Set Free

there once was a boy who loved without reserve, he didn’t understand that others thought him absurd.

peace, joy, and love were all the boy wanted — but by anger, hatred, and strife was the boy haunted.

some nights all he could do was lay and cry, many a night he hoped he would soon die.

all he saw was the world around him divided — but crying was weak, so his sadness he would hide it.

as the boy grew his pain did grow…but he hid it so well no one did know.

he started to party, smoke, laugh, and drink; anything to help himself not to think.

as time went on depression did thrive, still all the while the boy just got high.

numb to the pain and trapped in his thoughts, about the world the young boy was distraught.

then one night with angst and despair — the boy cried out “God are you even there?

to his surprise God answered the call; at that moment to his knees did he fall.

with many tears the young boy devoted his life, to unrelenting service of the resurrected Christ.

for the first time love, peace, and joy the boy had found

he truly believed everything was alright; little did he know this was only the beginning of the fight.

now the young man had a new mind — and by the world was he even more despised.

nevertheless all the more he found love, with those who are guided from above.

the young man never fit in no matter where he would go, so he embraced standing out and found himself in God’s kingdom to roam.