This One Life

A poem

a simple goal of this one life; to end war, famine, sorrow, and strife

but some accumulate power and wealth — at the expense of happiness, peace, and health.

nonetheless i know this to be true; i know very little and what i know, i wish to share with you.

yelling at children and hurting your wife are some things to avoid in this one life.

speaking great words and not living them out — is just as demeaning as tremendous self-doubt.

a word can build or destroy in one moment so hold your peace during emotional torrents.

a faithful friend is hard to find; when encountered don’t undervalue their time.

things are useful as a means to an end — people are of more value therefore more greatly cherish them.

love is an action not merely a word; if you say it to someone make sure you embody the verb.

hopeless at times this life may seem — but don’t worry tomorrow again the sun beams.

it is good to dream but don’t be owned of it; this life is temporary, so don’t love it.

God he is love and he is light — seek to please Him and this one life is spent right.

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