What Version22 Design Said About Us.

We were approached by Collext following the completion of our successfully funded Kickstarter campaign last year and we decided to take them on to help with fulfillment of the Kickstarter pre-orders. This was in part because we built a great deal of trust with them after meeting face to face, and because of their simple and competitive pricing structure which is particularly well suited to small businesses like ours. When our stock arrived from the factory Collext were able to get almost 2,000 order processed and sent out within a matter a days, without a hitch! And in the height of the holiday season too. Collext are very flexible with how they run things, able to implement new policies and preferences on the fly, and can happily meet some of our customers’ more particular requirements. This means we can work with them for everything from a customer order of one product to a trade order of several hundred or thousand units. For anyone looking to outsource fulfilment for their business I’d highly recommend Collext!

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